Our Mission

Food with Passion - pointing you to the finest produce

Food with Passion’s philosopy is to provide you with a wide selection of top quality foods, occasional treats as well as cookware and appliances to help you appreciate what Real food is all about.

We will not typically feature supermarket products here as we remain unconvinced of their appreciation of true quality food over their profits.

You will┬ánotice that we do not actually sell any products ourselves here. Instead we act as an introducer to bring you together with the actual supplier. That way, we don’t have overheads to recoup and you can buy your basket of goods at the best price possible directly from the supplier.

Whilst some of the products will already have travelled some miles to get to the supplier (especially true for

Regional specialities), our approach will mean that your goods will not have any extra transport miles to our storage facilities; instead, the supplier will send the goods directly to you and in the case of natural produce, it will be able to reach you in the finest condition possible for your appreciation.

Please do remember to leave your comments and feedback against any of the items or suppliers featured on the site.

Thanks for visiting Food with Passion.

We have our general food and drink shopfront available Food with Passion storefront here where we present the products from our favourite stores.

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